dynamic Anaheim Angels game updates

I’ve got some pretty slick score updates for the Anaheim Angels coming to my cell phone now-a-days. I’ve been subscribed to game updates through Yahoo Alerts for several years. Now I’ve set it up so that when an update is sent, it goes to a program on my web server first, which parses the text and resends it as a text message to my cell phone.

This allows me to have my text message look exactly the way I want. And, I also have it set so that when the text message arrives on my phone (Motorola RAZR V3m), it speaks the current status of the game. For example, “the Angels are winning”, or “the game is over, and the Angels have won”.

So now, when a game alert comes in, I don’t even need to look at my phone to know what’s going on.

Good stuff indeed!