on abortion, just answer the question

A week ago, Sen. John McCain and Sen. Barack Obama met with Pastor Rick Warren at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. Warren interviewed them each individually, asking them identical questions so that obvservers can get an accurate view of the differences between the two U.S. presidential candidates.

I finally got a chance to watch the complete interviews, something I wanted to do before commenting here. And it’s quite obvious that John McCain is the only one ready and qualified to lead this great country. His responses were much more concise and decisive. When Warren would ask a question of McCain, McCain would actually answer the question, and then explain. On the other hand, Obama tended to explain his way out, instead of actually answering the questions. There’s a big difference.

You can watch both complete interviews for yourself on CNN’s web site. But I’ll provide one significant example, and that is on the topic of abortion. Pastor Warren told each candidate the next topic is abortion, and his question was very specific:

“At what point is a baby entitled to human rights?”

Seems like a very simple question. Sen. McCain answered in 5 words, “at the moment of conception.” Obama explained his way out of it, saying that it’s a personal religious decision. Now, I believe that he certainly has the right to feel like that, but he should still answer the question.

Just listen for your self how each of the candidates answered the question:

Sen. John McCain:

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Sen. Barack Obama:

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Do you disagree with me? If so, did you also listen closely to the end of each audio clip? Did you hear how Pastor Warren ended the discussion about abortion for each one?

On McCain, Pastor Warren said, “OK, we don’t have to go longer on that one.” Total length of the clip was 1:01. The pastor got his answer.

On Obama, Pastor Warren said, “OK, there’s a lot more I’d like to ask on that one, but we got 15 other questions here.” Total length of the clip was 3:35, and still no answer. Pastor Warren had said at the beginning that although he would ask each candidate identical questions, he would ask additional questions depending on how susinct each senator is. So with Obama, he did follow up by asking, “Have you ever voted to limit or reduce abortions?” And again, Obama ignored the question and gave his standard stump response on the issue.

Please watch the entire interviews. Look at the differences, and notice how much more firm McCain is. If you have a belief, you should at least have the guts to stand for your beliefs and make a case for them. Obama didn’t do that. McCain is our guy.