writer is just wrong

I wrote in this blog 4 weeks ago about Nancy Pelosi, about her thinking and her juvenile methods that go into her decision making. My thoughts were based on an interview with readers of Time Magazine.

Well, I must go back and write about that issue one more time. In the August 25, 2008 issue of Time, the monthly “Inbox” feature (page 9), where readers write in their thoughts, published a small letter from a reader in Pomona, CA. He said:

“How could Pelosi be so easily bullied out of exploring the option of impeachment? Whose side is she on?”

What an ignorant pair of questions. I won’t give you the name of the guy who wrote it, you can get the issue and see for yourself. Many political questions are loaded, and these are no exception. The writer obviously feels that since Pelosi is a democrat and the president is a republican, that she should pursue impeachment. Shouldn’t you need to have more reason than that? Shouldn’t the side you’re on not matter? Shouldn’t an impeachment be based on the facts, and not whose side you’re on?

That write is an idiot.