you’re an idiot…

…if you believe anything you hear in a campaign TV ad. I am sick and tired of all political campaign TV commercials. They are all just a bunch of crap. John McCain, Barak Obama, John Gard, Steve Kagen, all of them. When it comes to advertising on TV and radio, every single one of them is a damn idiot. And if you believe anything they say, then you’re an idiot too.

First, the fact that any one candidate puts out an ad about their opponent is just arrogant. I can vote for whoever I want for president or congressman. I can write in my own name. So when one candidate slams another, all they are doing is telling me why I shouldn’t vote for their opponent. But they still don’t me why I should vote for them. If you’re a candidate for public office, don’t be so arrogant to think that if I’m not going to vote for your opponent I must vote for you.

Second, the content of some of these ads only works on ignorant citizens. John Gard, a Republican candidate who I voted for two years ago, is putting out ads saying that Steve Kagen is to blame for high gas prices. Come on, give me a break. I’m a Republican, and I want to vote for John Gard, but he’s not giving me any reason to. Does he really expect anyone to believe that crap? The funny thing is that I agree with Gard’s views on drilling for oil. But his campaign ads should be about him and his views. Not all these goofy graphics and animation to make fun of Steve Kagen. Get real!

So, you may wonder why I put an example of a stupid John Gard ad here, and not one of his opponent. I’ll tell you why. Because I like John Gard. I want to vote for John Gard. I care about John Gard. And I don’t care about his opponent. So, my hope is that Gard will change his ways.

I have never contributed money to a political campaign. Never. I’m a very political person. And if you read this blog enough, you know that I’m quite outspoken about my feelings and which candidates I like. And I would love nothing else than to help out a good cause. But I just can’t come to grips with the fact that my money would be used for this crap.

I’m fortunate because I see through all the silliness, and I do my own research. But many people don’t. Many people see these ads and remember them and then vote based on that memory. That’s a shame.