a fix for my text message problem?

I’ve had a problem receiving text messages for a month or so now. I only receive some, and others just never make it. Specifically, I stopped receiving any tweets from Twitter 4-5 weeks ago. And when I send a message to 4INFO, I no longer get a reply. And some automated alerts I get from Yahoo just don’t show up any more.

Finally, a possible solution! After all the hoops I can possibly jump through as a customer, Ryan at Cellcom tells me that he can see that there’s some kind of problem on the server side. The system is receiving messages for me but some kind of error is happening. So it’s not me, it’s not Twitter, and it’s not my phone.

I’m told it may still be a few days before it’s resolved, but at least there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I can’t wait to hear my cell phone tweet again.

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  • Thanks, Scott. I’ve been having the same problem through Cellcom with Yammer. Can’t wait to see if it’s resolved in a few days. And come to think about it, Twitter’s been the same on my cell phone!