just leave Wisconsin!

I am so tired if hearing people complain about weather. What kind of lives do you live that you have to constantly complain to other people about weather?

I see this happening in two areas. First, friends and acquaintances are always complaining. And second, even TV and radio personalities have decided that snow is a bad thing. Don’t be such whiners!

On the WBAY local news tonight, weatherman Brad Spakowitz used the phrase “so far so good” when talking about the fact that a snow storm has not hit yet. Since when is snow not good? Yesterday, a local guy on the radio used the phrase “to add insult to injury” when referring to the fact that not only is it cold outside, but snow is coming.


Geez, this is so idiotic. I lived in southern California for 12 years, and I never heard anyone complain, “it’s going to be warm today, and to add insult to injury, the sun will be shining too.”

Listen folks, this isn’t China. This is America. Not only are you free to live wherever you want, but there are thousands of wonderful cities in this country with the widest variety of weather. Since you complain about weather so much, you’ve made it obvious that weather is very important to you. Therefore, find a city that has weather you like, and go there. Really! Just leave Wisconsin and be happy.

Life’s too short to live in a place that makes you feel so miserable. Stop complaining about something that’s completely in your power to fix. And if you choose not to fix it, fine. But don’t try so hard to make everyone around you miserable.

Many of us enjoy snow and the winter sports that come with it. Many of us enjoy a cold day at Lambeau Field. Some of us even depend on the snow and cold weather for our livelihood. Many of us are happy here in Wisconsin and have made the choice to be here. You should too. Make the choice and be happy.

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  • Why so upset? Are you suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder? :)

    I’ve lived in Wisconsin all my life, and yes, I’m gonna complain about things, be it the weather, or the taxes, or something. There is always something to complain about (unless you don’t complain about anything.) I’m sure in Southern California they complain about something, maybe earthquakes, or forest fires… doesn’t matter… people complain, that’s just how it is. Even if I wanted to move, there are too many things keeping me here (family, job, friends, etc.) so it’s not as easy for some people to pack up and leave. Yes, I do enjoy winter, but I don’t enjoy sub-zero temperatures and 3 feet of snow, just like I don’t enjoy 95 degree weather in the summer. Maybe some of us are just never satisfied. :)

  • Sadly, we moved to Indianapolis last year and the winter weather here is lame. Ice, not snow. When it does snow, it never sticks around. The neighbors who are from further south complain about it all the time. We call them weather wimps :-)

    I miss the Wisconsin weather!

  • I lived in Wisconsin for 28 years. Those were wonderful years. Come on, it is just a part of life up north to talk about the weather. The weather is always changing – there are many extremes – so many different typ of clothes to have ready. If you want to be a part of the social fabric – one talks about the weather. I live in south Florida now and I love it also. Guess what, we talk about the weather here as well.