skiing down memory lane

I used to ski quite a bit in my younger days. When I was 20, I kept my skis locked in the rack on the roof of my Buick Skyhawk all winter. It was easier that way, since I used them at least once or twice a week.

But as a married father of three, I just don’t get to the slopes very often…once every few years I suppose. But tomorrow I’m taking two of my daugthers skiing. We’ve been to Norway Mountain which is quite nice, but tomorrow we’re going to Hidden Valley. Though it’s much smaller than Norway, we’ve got a tight time schedule and it’s only a half hour away.

So as I was thinking about my younger skiing days, I thought I’d check the web to see what I could find out about three ski-related staples from the 1970s:

First, Pink Panther Ski Hill was a small ski hill right here in De Pere. I have no idea exactly where it was, but I do remember going there. My search turned up the most interesting web page. A local guy named Eric Elfner was recently wondering the same thing. So he set out with his 8-year-old son to find it. And that he did. He documented his story and findings on his web page “Return To Pink Panther.” My memory is vague, but it’s still great to see his photos.

The second staple from that time was the Green Bay Press-Gazette Ski School. The local newspaper sponsored this ski school every year at Pink Panther. Anyone I knew who skied learned to do so at Pink Panther. I wish I had photos from back then. I did look through my stuff and I found my patch. I’m guessing I got it around 1977.

The third institution I was thinking of was the annual YMCA Ski Sale. This was an event where the Y would invite the public to bring in their used skis, boot, poles, etc to sell. I don’t recall how much of each sale went to the Y, but it was indeed a fundraiser. Local ski shops would also bring in their used equipment and sell some new stuff too. It was a great annual event to get all ready for the upcoming ski season. I remember buying used stuff there, then selling it there the following year and getting more used stuff. Interestingly enough, I found that the sale is still alive and well, in it’s 38th season. You can visit the Green Bay YMCA Ski & Sport Sale web site yourself.

So, it was quite enjoyable skiing down memory lane tonight.

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  • I stumbled across the same site while looking at ski resorts with my son. What a great trip down memory lane!!

  • Thanks for mentioning my Return to Pink Panther site. I’m glad some folks besides me remember how great that place was!

  • I also spent alot of time there from about 1967 to 1970. Also skiied Hilly Haven about 2 miles south. I remember going to the Rathskellar(the basement with a roof) for beers and music. Some of my favorite bands played there ( Short Stuff and Ruby ‘Star’ Jones)