Brett Favre controversy finally over

It’s over folks. Favre is through. He’s done. And the controversy of which I speak is not just here in Green Bay, but also in New York.

Last summer, the Favre saga split us Packer fans down the middle. Were you for him or against him? Were you a Favre fan or a Rodgers fan? Did you like Ted Thompson or did you want him fired? Half of us felt that Brett Favre should stay in Green Bay. The other half felt that no one player is bigger than the Green Bay Packers, not even Brett Favre.

watch Terry Bradshaw videoThe issue even split sports commentators, and I want to focus on one so-called “expert” for a minute. Did you hear Terry Bradshaw’s rant on the FOX NFL pre-game show on November 16? He made an absolute ass of himself. In his blind support for Favre, he says, “Aaron Rodgers over Brett Favre? Please.” As if there’s no contest, and no way anyone should choose Rodgers over Favre.

Bradshaw is supposed to know the game of football. He, like all the other Favre bandwagoners, quotes Favre’s stats from last year. Last year folks. And this is where Bradshaw and all his followers fall short. If Ted Thompson, or any GM for that matter, made his player decisions based solely on last year’s performance, they should be fired. Every March, it’s the GM’s job to figure out what’s going to work for his team this season and in the future.

Bradshaw blames the Packers losing season solely on their quarterback. He says that if the Packers had Favre instead of Rodgers, they’d be “running away with the division.” This is why Ted Thompson is a genius. He has to look at the big picture, not just how things are going after 11 weeks.

And now that the season is over, let’s look at that big picture. But first, let’s be honest. The Packers with Rodgers lost 4 of their last 5 games and missed the playoffs. So did the Jets with Favre. So neither camp is happy. Therefore let’s just look at the two quarterbacks and see how they stacked up in 2008:

Favre Rodgers
Yards Passing: 3,472 4,038
Touchdowns: 22 28
Interceptions: 22 13
Passer Rating: 81.0 93.8
Overall Season Rank: 11 4

I don’t know what else to say, except that the numbers speak for themselves. “Aaron Rodgers over Brett Favre? Please.”

Bradshaw continued with a statement directed at Thompson, “If you thought he (Favre) was so bad, why didn’t you just let him go where ever he wanted to go?” Are you kidding me? Again, if a GM does that, he should be fired. Which gives me the perfect segway to go 994 miles east from Green Bay to East Rutherford.

What the hell happened in New York this year? Mike Tannenbaum, the Jets GM, saw the prospect of bringing a name like “Brett Favre” to town. He promptly put on the blinders, cut Chad Pennington, signed Favre, and started the circus. Mayor Bloomberg even gave Brett Favre a key to the city for Pete’s sake. It was a zoo, an absolute zoo.

Meanwhile, Jeff Ireland, the Dolphins GM, saw an opportunity. After going 1-15 in 2007, he saw a top talent available at quarterback, and from a division foe no less. He signed Pennington and immediately began their run to an 11-5 season and an AFC East division championship. And to add salt to the wound, the Dolphins with Pennington won the division in the last game of the season, at the Meadowlands, against the Jets and Brett Favre.

But, I digress. As I said earlier, let’s just look at the two quarterbacks and see how they stacked up in 2008:

Favre Pennington
Yards Passing: 3,472 3,653
Touchdowns: 22 19
Interceptions: 22 7
Passer Rating: 81.0 97.4
Overall Season Rank: 11 9

I don’t want you to misunderstand me though. I’m not saying for a moment that Brett Favre was not a good quarterback this season. All I’m saying is that Ted Thomson made the right move for the Green Bay Packers in going with Rodgers. That’s his job. He doesn’t care how good or bad any player is. Instead, he cares what that player can do for the Green Bay Packers. Period.

Favre retired. Thompson went with Rodgers. Done.

And if you agree with Bradshaw and think Thompson should have succumbed to Favre’s request to release him, allowing him to go to any team he chooses, just look at how well that worked when the Jets did that with Pennington.

Aaron Rodgers over Brett Favre? Please.

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  • Nicely summarised, Scott. Sadly the emotions will run high for a while yet, but anyone able to be in the least bit objective can see that your conclusion is spot on!

    Also, isn’t it great to have no stake in the annual Brett Favre Retirement Circus?! I sure won’t miss that.

    A very happy New Year to you and yours!

  • I could not agree more. Nice use of research to validate what many of us suspected. Brett showd that it was all about BRETT and not about the Packers. He got what he wanted. The Jets got what they wanted. Thompson would have been an IDIOT to let Brett go where he wanted.

  • Chris, I had that same feeling myself, about the “Favre Retirement Circus.” As soon as I heard a reporter ask him “the question” recently, I felt such a profound sense of calm about me.

    Just go back in time one year to January 1, 2008. How were you feeling about our QB situation then? And compare that to today.

    As our buddy Terry Bradshaw put it, “Aaron Rodgers over Brett Favre? Please.”

  • George, the interesting thing about Favre is that there’s extra baggage there, besides the stats. After all, he did end up ranked #11 in the league, and was named to the Pro Bowl. But imagine if Favre had a press conference today, and said, “I can still play, I’ll be back with the Jets next season.” Woody Johnson (Jets owner) says he wants Favre back, but I just don’t see that happening.

    The fallout is already happening in East Rutherford. It started with their loss to the Dolphins. Continued with the firing of Eric Mangini. And now Favre’s teammates are starting to talk.

    The good thing is that all the controversy is now a thousand miles away from Green Bay.