away again on Valentine’s Day

As a founding member of the GQ4 Barbershop Quartet, I spent the last eight Valentine’s Days (and nights) away from home, as we toured northeast Wisconsin delivering Singing Valentines. The four of us had a ton of fun doing it, but it always meant that we were away from our wives and families on this special day each year.

Our quartet ended it’s run last summer after eight great years. As such, I looked forward to being home on Valentine’s Day for the first time in a long time. Well, as luck would have it, it’s Saturday and I have to work. It’s unusual for me to have to work on a weekend, so I’m certainly not complaining about that (actually it’s great to have a job at all now-a-days).

But I’m still a bit bummed that I’m away from my four Valentines again today. In the Crevier house, this is always my one day to do something little, something special for my wife and three daughters, all of whom provide light to my world.

Ladies, I love you! Hopefully I’ll be home for a while this evening.