we took the plunge

It seems that whenever I spend time with my buddies in the Our Lady of Lourdes Mens Group, it’s always a good day. Back on Dec 31, one of the guys e-mailed the group, offering up the idea of doing the Polar Plunge to help raise money for Special Olympics Wisconsin. Fast forward to yesterday, a bright sunny winter day in Green Bay, temperature 14°F, when seven of us actually took the plunge at the Watering Hole in Green Bay.

The Polar Plunge is the biggest fund-raiser of the year for Special Olympics, this year raising $100,000 for the athletes. As a team, we raised $2,430 of that. Not bad.

I had never done this before, so I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. When I hit the water, I felt an immediate and stunning shock! Since we each dove in sideways, it contributed to me not really getting my bearings right away. Thank God for the divers who were in the water helping us get out. One such guy helped me figure out which was was up, and pointed me toward the steps leading out of the water.

Once I got out, I was fine. Although we were then standing in 14° air, soaking wet. As cold as that was, it didn’t seem as bad as hitting the water. But we all got out just fine, found our way back indoors for some photos, and that was it.

If you look closely at one of the photos taken just before we jumped in, you’ll see me opening a mini bottle of Schnaaps. This was of course to keep some warmth running through my veins. It worked.

It was also cool to see some other friends there. As luck would have it, Todd Sanders (web dude from UWGB and fellow tweep) just happened to plunge right before us. And Dean Raasch, another friend and racquetball foe, took the plunge with other folks from WEL Companies.

All in all, it was a great day, and good to be part of a great cause.

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