Chase is losing me

Chase Bank has now declined charges on my Visa card twice due to what they define as suspicious activity. Here’s the deal.

I have this Visa account for my business, smcNet LLC. I’ve had the account since 2002. I never use the credit card in person. It’s an account I use to pay for my monthly web hosting fees to pair Networks. And I also use it for an occasional online purchase.

Well, pair Networks tried to put through their monthly charge yesterday and it was declined. Meanwhile, I had a voice message on my business line from Chase asking me to call their fraud department regarding suspicious charges.

So I called them tonight. They verified my identity, and asked me about two suspicious charges. The first was for pair Networks as I mentioned. The second was my annual subscription for MobileMe (which they did not decline). That’s it. I told them that they were both legitimate. The lady said “ok”, and I could contact pair Networks and have them put the charge through now.

She was getting ready to hang up and I stopped her and asked why they declined the charge. What made them think that it was suspicious? She said, “several factors go into the decision to approve or decline…specific details cannot be discussed.” Really. That’s what she said.

I explained that I’ve been doing business with pair Networks since 1996. They’ve been charging me monthly fees for 13 years. And I’ve had my Chase account for 7 years. How could they possibly think that a regular monthly charge from a known vendor would be suspicious? She could not give me an answer.

Listen, I certainly appreciate a credit card company watching out for fraudulent activity. But I can’t have them declining a regular charge from a reputable vendor, and then telling me that “specific details cannot be discussed.” All they had to do was look at my account. It’s all there.

This is the second time Chase has done this to me in the past 3 months. I’m not happy about it at all. I’m now in the market for a new credit card company. If you know of a good one, with the ability to make payments online, leave a comment here.