leave the octomom alone, and me too

Alright, I know Nadya Suleman has done some things that warranted national attention, but does that mean that we now have to hear every little detail about her life? And how long does this need to go on?

I heard last week that she got a tatoo. And now this morning, one of her kids has a bruise. Aw geez. I don’t know anything more about those situations than that; I only heard the headlines on CNN. But with the economy like it is, and with the H1N1 virus spreading, and with the wars like they are, can’t these lazy journalists find other more interesting stories to cover?

And while I’m talking about Suleman, if we’re so concerned about her life, then we should show that we truly care. Showing concern doesn’t mean sensationalizing every move she makes on national TV. I don’t know anything about her intentions or why she does what she does, I haven’t spoken to her. But the simple fact that she’s a single mom with 14 kids tells me that she needs our prayers and support.

Raising my three teenage daughters in this world is not easy, and I’m sharing the duties with my wife. I can’t imagine what it would be like to add eleven more kids to my house and then remove one of the parents. Come on people. Give this woman some space. Put down the cameras and use those hands to say a prayer for the well-being of the Suleman family.