smoking ban in Wisconsin is wrong

I’ve written about the smoking ban in my blog before. I’ve also responded to a number of posts on Facebook. And as I read everyone’s opinion, I’ve discovered the crux of the issue.

Smoking is legal in the United States. So any statewide ban that prohibits this activity tramples the rights of smokers.

Now listen, we all know of the negative affects of smoking and second-hand smoke. We’ve all heard that second-hand smoke can trigger negative affects in people with asthma. We all know how differently a non-smoking hotel room smells from one where smoking is allowed. We all know how our clothes smell after an evening at a bowling alley. It’s for all these reasons that I simply choose to frequent non-smoking businesses. If smoking were allowed in Walmart, I’d be headed to Target. I’m a non-smoker, and I haven’t been exposed to second-hand smoke in years; my choices are simple.

But it seems that while many people are making their argument based on health issues, my argument is made based on the rights and freedoms of Americans who are doing something that is perfectly legal.

But let me be clear. I absolutely agree with all of the health issue arguments. I just don’t think those arguments should lead to a statewide ban of smoking in public places. Instead, those are valid arguments for outlaw smoking altogether. Now that’s something that I’d be in favor of. We can’t smoke marijuana because it’s not good for you. Well, here’s a news flash, nicotine isn’t good for you either.

Outlawing smoking in the U.S. altogether would be a no-brainer. Even the U.S. surgeon general has been telling us for decades how bad it is. But today, smoking is legal. Therefore, smoking is a choice. Likewise, restaurant and bar owners must also have that same choice.

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  • Umm….and so the vast majority of people in the US who do not smoke should have their rights (and air) trampled by a few people who can’t give up sucking on a rolled up burning weed long enough to eat dinner? That’s just pathetic.

  • No. That’s my point. When someone smokes, it does not trample my rights as a non-smoker. If they smoke in a restaurant, I have every right to not eat there. If I eat in a non-smoking restaurant, smokers have every right to go somewhere else. If a bowling alley allows smoking, I have every right to not bowl. It works out great for everyone because we all have rights.

    All the talk over the years about second hand smoke is bogus. Yes, I agree that it’s not healthy. But I have never been forced to experience second-hand smoke. Ever. This is America. We have choices.

  • I agree with you completely…! Smoking is bad…but denying a businessman the right to cater to a certain clientelle is a denial of his rights. If a sign is posted on the door to a tavern…”This is a smoking establishment, if you don’t like it, don’t enter”. I agree that smoking in PUBLIC places, such as libraries…schools…courthouses…etc is proper. But a business is a PRIVATE place that is open to the public. It’s like an adult book store…..if you choose not to enter, then it’s your right. The “do-gooders” are stomping our rights out…one by one. BTW, I don’t smoke either….but I think we should protect the freedoms of people who engage in this legal activity….it’s THEIR choice !
    I lived in Colorado for a lot of years and when they originally passed the no smoking law, they exempted private clubs (Moose, American Legion, VFW, etc) but then they went even further and outlawd smoking in PRIVATE CLUBS..!! Shouldn’t it be up to the membership of the clubs to decide?

    Go Packers…!!