Brett Favre interview speaks volumes

So Brett Favre gave an interview with Joe Buck today on Buck’s new HBO show. I’ve seen a couple of video clips from the interview, and I’ve read some of Favre’s comments. It’s very clear to me that all Buck did was give Favre a platform to say whatever he wanted. He didn’t ask the questions that sports fans want answered.

Given all that’s happened, any interview with Favre is incomplete unless the following questions are asked and answered:

1) If you still have the ability to play in the NFL, and you’re an unrestricted free agent, then why do 31 teams not care?

2) If you really want to play again for all the right reasons, then why didn’t you have the surgery on your arm earlier in the spring so that you’d be ready to participate in the Vikings organized team activities (OTAs)?

Favre acknowledged that Vikings coach Brad Childress wanted him to attend their OTAs. Favre said, “Knowing that there is no guarantee that my arm will be like it was before, I chose to stay away just because I figured there would be a media frenzy if I was there.”

Seriously? You’re telling us that you want to play football, and the coach says you need to be there, but you decide to not be with the team because there would be a media frenzy?

Oh my God people. If it’s not obvious to you that Favre still just wants to just stick it to the Packers, I don’t know what more you need to know. If Favre truly wants to play football, he should be doing so many things differently.

What was interesting during all the hype last summer was that those of us who were expressing our opinions were either journalists or fans, and passionate fans at that. It’s difficult to have an impartial opinion if you’re a passionate fan. But did you notice what happened as the season unfolded? Everything changed. It was no longer just the fans ranting about Favre. His teammates finally spoke.

Jets safety Kerry Rhodes saw the situation quite clearly and was one of only a couple of Favre’s teammates who had the guts to say how he felt.  The Jets’ 2008 season came to an end in their loss to Miami on Sunday, December 28. Four days later, Rhodes said this about Favre, “If he’s dedicated and he wants to come back and do this, and do it the right way… and be here when we’re here in training camp and the minicamps and working out with us… then I’m fine with it. But don’t come back if it’s going to be half-hearted or he doesn’t want to put the time in with us.”

Rhodes said it all. And his assessment of Favre’s intentions holds true today. If Favre was doing this right, he’d already be wearing a purple uniform.

So what’s the saddest part of this whole situation? The saddest part is that the Vikings are so pitiful and desperate that they’re going after a 40-year-old quarterback whose career is over and only wants to play so he can stick it to his former team. I can’t wait until November 1.

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  • It’s all about that arm. Why would he show up to camp without the guarantee that his arm is ok? Then he’s just dragging the Vikings around the same way Packer fans feel they’ve been jerked around. If the media would just stay out off of it, this wouldn’t be such a big deal. 40-yr old QB whose career is over? Tell that to the guy who almost lead a brand new team with a brand new offense to the playoffs after a 4-12 season. The only reason he didn’t is that injury. An injury that he’s waiting to heal and he’ll be back as good as ever once it is. Sorry to hear that you are a sore loser Packer fan. If you were really a Packers fan, you wouldn’t really care what is going on in Minnesota. I think you just want to stick it to Brett Favre for not choosing to end his career on YOUR terms.

  • Actually, Scott, I think you have hit the nail on the head! But at least it’s not the Packers’ problem any more. Seems that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy’s judgement of Brett and his motivation was spot on.

    I am just about past caring now – which shows how very sad it all is.