today is Priesthood Sunday

In recent years, Catholics started recognizing those men who have responded to the call to priesthood. Priesthood Sunday is a simple way for us to reflect and be thankful for these gentlemen who have done so much to make our world a better place.

Most Catholic priests will never be famous. Most won’t make much of an impact in the greater world. But these priests are important figures in small communities everywhere. While diocesan priests are typically assigned to lead one or more small parishes, their effect is felt way beyond the borders of the Catholic parish. They lead people to lives that are full, caring and respectful; and the goodness that flows from the lives lead by these followers permeates a community.

Priests also serve roles in education, missions, counseling, administration and so many other ministries in the world, each one making a difference in their own small way.

I’ve been fortunate to know a number of Catholic priests in my life. I wrote about several in this blog on Priesthood Sunday two years ago, in an entry titled “Thank You Father.” I hope you’ve been as blessed as me.