Arizona’s SB 1070 misrepresented

I recently received an e-mail asking me to support Isaiah 58 Summer, an effort that is under way to protest Arizona’s SB 1070 bill. What a sham. Their web site twists the verbage of the bill in a way to serve their own purpose.

First, right at the beginning of their home page, they say, “SB 1070, the anti-immigration bill that recently became law in Arizona has galvanized the faith community…” That statement is flat out wrong. SB 1070 is not an anti-immigration bill. It’s an anti-illegal immigration bill. There’s a big difference. But this is quite typical of people in the faith community. They just refuse to recognize the “illegal” part of illegal immigration.

On another page of their web site they say, “The Isaiah 58 Summer is a project of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition, which represents diverse people of faith across the country who believe just, humane comprehensive immigration reform is the only solution to our broken immigration system.” Boy that sounds great doesn’t it. I actually have no problem with it, as long as they recognize that while they are hoping for reform, we still have to enforce existing laws.

Consider this analogy. If the speed limit on your local highway is 65, and you think it should be 75, that’s fine. Round up a bunch of people in your community, talk to your local lawmakers, and get it changed. But while you’re doing all that, you still have to obey the current 65 mph speed limit.

It’s a shame that our faith community leaders feel a need to exploit their positions in order to promote their agenda. I’m a Christian man and I’m certainly in favor of showing compassion where needed. But if the person in need of compassion is a criminal, then we should be touching their lives through a prison ministry instead of helping them get away with criminal activity.

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