President Obama’s broken promise

I just listened to President Obama’s speech on DVD. He announced the end of combat operations in Iraq today. But did you notice how easily he refers to his campaign promises, and only does so when convenient? OK, I’ll accept that he promised he’d end the Iraq war, fine, maybe he did. But if we’re going to quote campaign promises, what about his promise for “change”?

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that ALL of America’s troubles are the fault of the Bush administration. Afterall, President Obama has said on multiple occasions that he “inherited” this economy. Fine. But President Obama campaigned on “change we can believe in.” Those were his words. If Obama was the candidate for change, why is our economy circling the drain faster that his approval rating? Why are 15 million Americans unemployed, and 15 million illegal immigrants still walking our streets with no solution in site? Why are businesses so nervous about an unclear future that they’re scared to hire more workers?

Usually, when a president promises change and doesn’t accomplish it, he blames it on congress. Ooops, can’t do that this time. Obama occupies the most powerful office in the world, and has the benefit of a democratic congress. Where’s the change?

I have the utmost respect and appreciation for our men and women who have fought in Iraq since the war began. And even more so for the families of those brave souls who never returned. But this is not the time to cherry pick one campaign promise and say, “see, I told you so.”