Reid Ribble’s real position on Social Security

I wrote a blog post two days ago about a TV ad that Rep. Steve Kagen is running. It’s an extremely deceptive ad, one where a statement by Reid Ribble on Social Security is edited and clipped to make it sound like he wants to scrap Social Security and leave Wisconsin seniors to “fend for themselves.” Seriously. Those are not my words, those are the words Kagen used in the commercial.  Wisconsin seniors left to “fend for themselves.” It’s literally unbelievable. Please read that post first before you continue, so that you know what I’m talking about.

This is a brief addendum to that post, and I want to make two points.

First, I’ve attended a number of forums in recent months where Ribble and the other GOP primary candidates spoke. I knew I heard Ribble talk about Social Security and explain his ideas. Well, here’s a clip from such a forum. This was on September 7, 2010, just a couple of weeks ago (one week before the primary), in Appleton, WI. The moderator asked Ribble a direct question about his position on Social Security. You can watch and listen for yourself (it’s less than 2 minutes):

So, what do you think? Are you a voter here in Wisconsin’s 8th congressional district? Are you as concerned about Social Security as I am? Well, what do you think? Which video do you believe? This one here? Or Kagen’s TV commercial? Yeah, I thought so.

Listen, Reid Ribble made it very clear that he wants to protect Social Security for our seniors AND our grandchildren. He makes a good point, one that no one else is making. If we protect Social Security for seniors but jeopardize it for our children, then we’ve failed (which of course is what we’re currently doing). He’s got a specific idea, but here’s my take. If you have a different idea, great. Bring it to the table and let’s talk about it. But it must meet Ribble’s requirement of protection for all.

My other point is somewhat minor in the scope of things. But it goes to the point of how Kagen is trying to frame Ribble in a bad light. Here’s a still shot from Kagen’s commercial:

So, what’s wrong with this picture? It’s no secret that a majority of Americans are not happy with congress now-a-days. A majority of Americans are disappointed with their representatives and with most politicians running the country. Democrats are rightfully scared that they will lose their grip on congress in November. Couple this with the fact that Steve Kagen is actually a smart guy. He knows how Americans are feeling.

So, if you know that Americans don’t like politicians, then perhaps there’s no better way to get voters to dislike Reid Ribble than to label him a politician. There’s only one problem with that. Reid Ribble has never held public office. He was a roofing contractor for 30 years. He’s a businessman who understands how to create jobs, make payroll, operate on a budget, and pay for health care.

Sure, it’s a subtle thing, but believe me, it was deliberate and intentional. Steve Kagen wants you to think that Reid Ribble is just another politician, making bad decisions for the country, and therefore you should dislike him.

I think we’ve had enough. Rep. Steve Kagen is a deceiving, dishonest man who cannot be trusted. Please, join me on November 2. Vote for Reid Ribble and let’s get some integrity back in Washington.

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  • Can you provide a transcription or at least written summary of Mr Ribble’s position on SS.
    THe audio on the clip is so poor I can’t make out a word he said.
    It would be a good idea to test these clips and provide both where audio is so bad.

    PS Regarding “Leave a Reply”.
    I still remember when “MAIL” meant a letter sent through the Post Office. Whereas, “EMAIL” has an “E” before it. You show “Mail (will not be published) (required)”
    Have they changed that too?

  • Here’s a document from Reid Ribble that explains his position on Social Security. It also contains FULL transcripts of his comments on the subject at the forums I’ve been talking about.

    Ribble’s Response to Kagen’s Attack Ad