Colorado senators want in-state tution for illegal immigrants

On Thursday, the Colorado state senate approved Senate Bill 126, which will give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants at the University of Colorado. This is the fifth time Colorado Democrats have tried to do this, each time having been defeated by state Republicans. I was surprised to read that eleven states now do this, including California, Illinois and Texas.

So let’s see if I have this right. My daughter, a high school junior, is now considering college options. Let’s say she gets in line with 3 other people at the admissions office at the University of Colorado. The first person in line lives in Colorado Springs. In-state tution. Done. Now my daughter’s turn. She tells them that she lives in Wisconsin. Non-resident tuition. Done. Now the third person in line tells them that he’s a resident of Mexico. Non-resident tuition. Done. And now the last person in line tells them that he too is a resident of Mexico. Non-resident tuition. The student stops them, saying, “Wait, not so fast. I’m in the U.S. illegally.” They say, “can you prove it?” He responds, “yes, I have no paperwork, no visa, no driver license.” In-state tuition. Done.

Huh? There are so many things wrong with this:

  1. If you’re going to give in-state tuition to an illegal immigrant, that immigrant must prove that he’s here illegally right? After all, they’re not proposing in-state tuition for all immigrants, only illegal ones. So he has to prove he’s a criminal first. How do they plan to do this?
  2. If the student just proved he’s a criminal, shouldn’t they be calling the authorities instead of directing him to the book store?
  3. If you’re going to offer in-state tuition to people who have committed a crime, why only immigration crime? Why not also say that if you are convicted of drunk driving then you can have in-state tuition in Colorado? Or how about if you were shooting elk outside of hunting season, you can have in-state tuition? I just don’t understand why, if the Democrats want to give in-state tuition to criminals, why only immigration crime? I mean, let’s be clear. Not only are they offering the benefit to criminals, they’re doing it because of their criminal status. It doesn’t make sense.
  4. Assume the program is now in full force. You have to have a way to police it for fraud, just like any other entitlement program, right? Assume again that you catch someone wrongly getting this benefit (you know it’ll happen). So what would that court hearing look like? The attorney for the state says, “Your honor, the defendant claimed to be here illegally in order to get the in-state tuition benefit. But our investigators found that he is actually here legally. His birth certificate shows that he was in fact born in Denver.” Then the judge asks the defendant, “Is this true, are you really not an illegal immigrant?” To which the defendant replies, “No your honor. He’s correct. I’m a U.S. citizen. I’m really not illegal.” So then the judge sentences him for being a legal citizen claiming to be illegal when he really wasn’t illegal. So, is this starting to sound ridiculous to you too?

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the worst part of the whole thing. The illegal immigrant pays in-state tuition. My daughter pays non-resident tuition. Enough said.

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