inheritance is not an excuse for failure

I thought I was done hearing this crap. Harvey Weinstein, an American film producer, was on Piers Morgan tonight, talking about many issues, one of which was the economy and President Obama’s lack of solutions. In his opinion, he said, “he inherited this”. What kind of crap excuse is that? He “inherited” this? Seriously?

Listen, I haven’t heard a single person dispute the fact that our economy was on a down turn in 2008. But three years ago, Senator Obama told us during his presidential campaign that he had solutions. He told us that we have reason to hope. He told us that he had ideas to solve our economic problems. And he’s had nothing.

Even President Obama has used the “inherit” excuse numerous times since he’s been in office.

So let me get this straight. If the economy is not good, I can run for president on the platform that I have solutions. And once I’m sworn in, I don’t actually have to have the solutions. Instead, I can just say, “well, I inherited this.” Seriously? It’s like a built-in presidential excuse.

I’m tired of it. I will give President Obama a little credit though. I don’t recall hearing him utter the “inherit” word for at least a few months now. But let’s call a spade a spade. President Obama said we have reason to hope, and it turns out we didn’t. He didn’t have the solutions he said he did. If he had, we wouldn’t be in this mess.