President Obama’s argument for a minimum wage increase is incomplete

This video from the White House illustrates the problem with arguments in favor of raising our minimum wage. It makes no mention of the financial impact on the companies who are paying the wage. It mentions a woman who earns a minimum wage along with a number of very specific examples, but it doesn’t mention a woman who owns a business and must pay that wage. It mentions all the benefits for wage earners, but think about it, anyone can see and understand those benefits, right? I mean, it’s easy to see how people receiving money would be better off receiving more.

But what about the business owners?

I’m not suggesting in any way that we should or should not raise the minimum wage. I’m simply saying that President Obama does not do a good job at making his argument. This video, posted on the White House YouTube channel, makes a broad statement about putting money back into our economy, which sounds good. But it mentions no specifics like it did regarding the wage earner.

Anything that’s important and good for someone is going to cost someone money. And it’s a shame when our leaders exploit the ignorance of Americans by simply touting benefits without explaining the costs or who has to pay. If it’s truly a good plan for America, then its advocates should have no problem justifying all sides, especially the costs.

I’d like to believe that the White House is smart and understands this. But why they don’t share it baffles me.