don’t like Facebook contests

I’m not a big fan of those contests where participants have to get people to vote for them on Facebook (or via other social media). Those events are obviously much more of a popularity contest and a test to see who’s more proficient at gaining votes via the prescribed technology (or who can drum up an organization of family/friends/etc who then drum up votes), rather than an honest evaluation of how good their contest entry is.
But what I really can’t wrap my mind around is when I’m asked to vote for a food that I’ve never tasted. Not only does that not make sense, but some contests even show you the product and ask you to vote right there, without offering any info at all about the other entries. How can you say that one entry is best when you know nothing about all the other entries? Obviously just a popularity contest.
Yeah fine, it’s all in good fun. Okay, I get it. I just wish the contests would be honest about how it really works. Just say that you’re trying to find out which contestant is more popular instead of who has the best entry.
Perhaps I’m just getting to be an old codger longing for the days of a good old fashioned pie eating contest, where a small group of judges tasted each entry and then decided.