so it’s okay to work on a national holiday then


A number of years ago, I heard the term “slacktivist” for the first time. It refers to a person who only complains about social issues online or who only carries a sign at some protest about an issue, but doesn’t actually understand the issue or make life changes in support of the issue. You know the kind: a college student who complains about capitalism while using their new iPhone or simply living their life among the fruits of such a system; or a vegetarian who does not want animals to be killed, not understanding the numbers of animals that must be killed in order to grow their vegetables.

I’m reminded of this concept today, Independence Day here in the United States. Hear me out. Today is a day for family gatherings, right? A day when moms and dads take the kids to a local parade or to a fireworks display. When extended families, cousins, aunts, and uncles meet at the family cottage for relaxation, boating, swimming, and maybe even a bonfire with marshmallows.

So, why am I not hearing anyone complain about the stores being open today, forcing their employees to work on a national holiday? You’ve heard it before, right? Ah, but only on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Hmm. They complain about being required to work because it’s a holiday and we should be spending time with our families. So, I guess it’s not a real concern then.

Here’s the truth. One moron posted such a complaint on social media years ago. then all the slacktivists jumped on the bandwagon. The reason no one is complaining today is because the significant majority of those complainers are indeed slacktivists. They don’t really care enough or understand the issue, but they will easily jump on someone else’s bandwagon when given the opportunity. And since no one else has spouted off about it today, they are silent. So, I guess it’s not a real concern then.

Yes indeed, I’ve enjoyed a relaxing day off today, fully understanding and appreciating the sacrifices made by men and their families during the American Revolution. I also appreciate our freedom to own businesses, our freedom to work where ever we want, and for those businesses to be open on holidays and earn a profit from all of the rest of us who need their services on a day like today, a day for families to gather.

God bless America!

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