yes, there’s a role for everyone in our fight against racism

A couple of my friends shared an article on Facebook titled “12 things white people can do now because Ferguson”. I read many articles shared by people with whom I disagree. It’s important that we understand or at least attempt to understand each other. This one is just sad. We have a serious race issue […]

President Obama’s argument for a minimum wage increase is incomplete

This video from the White House illustrates the problem with arguments in favor of raising our minimum wage. It makes no mention of the financial impact on the companies who are paying the wage. It mentions a woman who earns a minimum wage along with a number of very specific examples, but it doesn’t mention […]

no need to lessen men to prove the importance of women

With a group of Young African Leaders today in Washington, President Obama was asked about America’s commitment to resolving gender inequalities in African countries. He spoke about why it makes sense to respect women. In his statements, he said, “If you educate and empower and respect a mother, then you are educating the children. So, […]

but my ancestors did it legally

I just watched President Obama’s speech on immigration from Las Vegas (see below). I actually liked and agreed with much of what he said. I like some of his ideas. But there is one passage that I find a bit offensive: “It’s really important for us to remember our history. Unless you are one of […]

Lucky me!

You know, I thought I always knew what Thanksgiving was all about. After all, I’m a 50-year-old Christian man with a great family, a stable job and a comfortable home. What else could Thanksgiving possibly mean? Well, my mother passed away 3 months ago. And while most of us in the family have always known […]

you don’t need a patch to have honor

So it seems settled now. The Boy Scouts of America reaffirmed its ban on gay leaders and members. When talking about my childhood, I occasionally mention that I was a cub scout for a few years. I’ll no longer do that, at least not without a disclaimer. I’m somewhat on the fence about whether an […]